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Your body filters and excretes waste products and toxins out through your digestive tract and liver. If either one becomes overloaded, waste products can build up and cause a variety of health issues, including digestive problems, tiredness and vitality loss.

Milk Thistle and other natural remedies can assist with liver cleansing and support your body’s natural detox processes. Discover how below..

Gut Relief

Relieve indigestion and support healthy digestive function with this great tasting formula. Nutra-Life Gut Relief is a triple action formula that soothes and supports the gut lining and stimulates the growth of good bacteria.

Available in 180g powder


Digestive Enzymes

Triple action formula to support the body in breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins, as well as the lactose in dairy. This plant-sourced enzyme combination offers a natural solution to healthy digestion.

Available in 60 capsules



Help maintain bowel regularity* and healthy bowel motions with this great-tasting vanilla & blackcurrant detox formula. Made with soothing Psyllium husk along with Flaxseed, Pectin, Inulin and Magnesium, this product offers a natural cleanse for the body.

Available in 150g powder



This is a comprehensive liver detoxification and digestive support formula, made with Glutamine and Milk thistle. Nutra-Life Detox maintains healthy liver function, helps relieve indigestion and assists the detoxification process.

Available in 30 capsules


Liver Guard™ 35,000 Plus

High potency, one-a-day liver support with standardised Milk thistle extract. This product is specifically formulated to protect the liver and support its ability to process toxic substances.

Available in 50 and 100 capsules


Milk Thistle 17,000 Plus

Protect the liver and encourage regeneration of liver cells with this liver tonic formula. Combining Milk thistle with Dandelion, Globe artichoke, Burdock and Schisandra, Nutra-Life Milk Thistle 17,000 Plus is your natural solution for liver and digestion support.

Available in 60 and 120 capsules